ORO at ECHA Open Forum Meeting

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ORO had the opportunity to participate at the ECHA Open Forum Meeting, held in Helsinki 08. Nov. 2016.

ECHA took the opportunity to address question to ORO in an [interview] with Dr. Rudolf Staab (ORO Vice Secretary).


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ORO Brexit Statement


Since the last ORO Technical Meeting  (30 Nov. 2017) ORO members agreed that the first ORO BREXIT statement, published 07/2016, is an outdated document.
Therefore it is no longer available on the ORO Web Page.

ORO is currently preparing a new Brexit statement that addresses the concern of the poor development in the Brexit consultation seen in the past. Since political stakeholders have mention the "Hard Brexit" possibility, ORO has to consider this least wanted option in the new ORO Brexit statement, which is expected to be published in 02/2018.

For the time being, ORO would like to mention that UK based ORO Members should be considered as robust regulatory service providers for OR services - now and in the future.


The referendum in the UK on June 23rd 2016 that resulted in a vote for the UK to withdraw from membership of the European Union has resulted in some uncertainty as far as the European regulatory landscape is concerned. This statement is intended to try to bring some clarity to this situation. The key points, based on what we know today, are as follows: ...

symbol pdf (Outdated Doc - no longer available)


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